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  5. "Wir nehmen den Hund."

"Wir nehmen den Hund."

Translation:We are taking the dog.

February 5, 2015



What is the meaning behind this phrase? As in we take ownership of the dog? Or we picked it up and are taking it (somewhere else)? In possible translation it shows "catch" as well, is this correct?


It could be any of the above, like in English.

Not sure it can mean "catch" by itself, perhaps as a part of some phrasal verb expression.

[deactivated user]

    No!!!!! Take whatever else you want, anything at all, but not the dog!!!


    Why is "we bring/are bringing the dog" wrong? I think that's valid (Are you coming to visit? Yes, we're bringing the dog, too)


    That'd be: Wir bringen / nehmen den Hund mit.


    Ah. Yes, makes sense. Danke!


    Duo suggests 'catch' as a translation for nehman, yet when I wrote 'we are catching the dog' it was not accepted. Explanation?


    Duolingo's suggestions are often drawn from a database that does not consider the context of the question. So, while a word may have several possible translations depending on the context, not all those translations will be suitable in every different context. Reporting this as a problem to Duolingo can help the course administrators manually edit the hints to be more contextually appropriate.


    One of the may losses of a divorce


    I'm takin' the dawg

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