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Keyboard shortcut please !

List of current shortcuts : (http://www.duolingo.com/help)

If you have the time and it is not very complicated please add one more just for opening the sentence discussions in the lesson.

I remember one of the older posts from a member of duolingo staff stating that you want to make duolingo completely mouse free. :)

I try to open each and every comment section when doing a lesson even if I don't need any help just to check if somebody else needs it. This way it is a bit bothersome because of constant switching between mouse and the keyboard.

Also when you close the discussion section (by pressing Esc or clicking the x button) and then press Enter in order to continue to another sentence/exercise it will reopen the comment section.

I was thinking of suggesting another keyboard shortcut for report problem but I figured it's better not to because switching from keyboard to mouse actually gives people a bit extra time to rethink if that is really something they need to report.

August 9, 2013



Actual access to the Sentence Discussions in the Lesson from the iPad app. would be nice. As would error reporting. :-)


They are working on it.


Is it a way to insert an accented letter without mouse?


Probably there are some other ways but I use different keyboard layouts and it works fine for me. That means after adding other languages to my language bar I can easily switch between them by pressing alt + shift.

Here is the link that explains how to change your keyboard layout : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/258824

Also I used microsoft keyboard layout creator because I wanted to make custom keyboard layouts (rearrange the letters as i saw fit :) )


If you guys have some other keyboard shortcut suggestion feel free to recommend it. :)


I second the shortcuts for accented letters. While I have already changed my keyboard, I don't own a German keyboard so I still forget sometimes which key the ö or ä is on.

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