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"Jag har åtminstone bekväma skor."

Translation:At least I have comfortable shoes.

February 5, 2015



Jag har åtminstone kyckling.


❤❤❤❤❤❤ Leeroy!


Jag har åtminstone en år.


I have at least a year .. in English it makes perfect sense, it means, I have a year to complete something (until you complete school, a waiting period, a jail sentence, lol), or until a certain thing happens (until you get married, etc.). It is usually in response to a question from someone else:

Example 1: X: "How long will you be grounded?" Y: "I have another week."

Example 2 X: "Are you ready to go?" Y: "Can I have another 10 minutes, please?"

Example 3 X: How much do you need to reach $1000? Y: We have another $50 to go.

I'm sure "Jag har åtminstone en år" is not correct in this context, so what is?


You are wrong, I'm afraid, E.: "I have at least a year" does not mean the same thing as "I have a year". It means "I have a year -- certainly no less, and possibly more".


År is an ett-noun. Jag har åtminstone ett år kvar means that I have one year or more eg at least one year. Mindre än ett år is less than a year . Whereas ett år is ett år/ one year, varken mer eller mindre.


That does not make sense – what do you mean?


I was trying to say that I'm at least one year old.


I thought you were saying that you have at least a year to live!


I see. That would be Jag är minst ett år gammal. (you could use åtminstone instead, but minst is more neutral).


Can åtminstone come at the start of the sentence? Åtminstone har jag bekväma skor?


Is it wierd looking if it does though?


Is there a difference in meaning with the default version?


Generally, things at the start of the sentence are more emphasised.


Can åtminstone be used with numbers? Like "I want at least 2 cats."?


So in this context, is "Jag vill ha åtminstone två katter." the same as "Jag vill ha minst två katter."?

Tack så mycket!


Semantically, yeah.


Can this be used as a retort? Like "Your shirt is ugly!" "Oh jag har åtminstone bekväma skor."


Hej does anyone speaks tyska? I wounder if på svenska one can also say as a kind of a relieve at least he is gone Wenigstens ist er weg oder Wenigstens er ist weg. For example when you are afraid of someone and you are happy now that at least he is gone. Is it possible to say that in Swedish, would you use åtminstone and borta in this case? Tack!


Hopefully the ever-present devalanteriel can pop by and write an answer, or you could contact him on here. He speaks German and Swedish and often replies to questions here.


Ich bin zwar etwas spät dran, aber ja, kann man sagen!


Could 'åtminstone' also be interpreted as to be modifying 'bekväma' here? P.e. 'I have at least comfortable shoes (but they are old, ugly and worn down)'.


Depending on stress and all that, sure.


Is there a way to distinguish between a) "At least I have two shoes" (fortunately), and b) "I have at least two shoes" (and possibly more) by moving åtminstone to a different position in the sentence? I.e. a) "Jag har åtminstone två skor", b) "Jag har två skor åtminstone"?


åtminstone is "hopefully" only if you start with it. In your examples a) and b) you rather count your shoes and get the result "at least two". In a) and b) I would prefer minst


I wondered the same. I can´t answer this with any authority but Norstedts dictionary defines it: "ÅTMINSTONE adv allm. at least; minst äv. ...at the least; i varje fall äv. at any rate, at all events" in case that helps.

I took the "at the least" listed there as a possible indication, but perhaps someone will correct me.


Perhaps the characters in Waiting for Godot said this?


Is it åtminstone a commonly used word?


ÅTMINSTONE is used at least as much as AT LEAST./ ÅTMINSTONE används åtminstone lika mycket som AT LEAST.



My Swedish girlfriend told me it's more common to say "i alla fall" :/


Wordreference states "i alla fall" as one of the translations for "at least". :)


I put "I do, at least, have comfortable shoes" which was wrong. So how would you say that in Swedish?


The same way, preferrably.

[deactivated user]

    "I at least have comfortable shoes" and "At least I have comfortable shoes" would work and flow better if you don't want to use commas.


    So it's been established that the person could be saying that at least they have comfortable shoes (despite other bad things). However in english there's another interpretation, that the shoes are comfortable at the very least, and that they may also be stylish, sturdy etc. i.e. 'I have at least comfortable shoes, if not sturdy too!' Would this also be the case in Swedish?


    It could in theory but less common


    Why isn't the translation I have at least comfortable shoes.

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