"Non c'è niente come una birra fredda."

Translation:There is nothing like a cold beer.

August 9, 2013


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I agree, but champagne isn't bad either!

June 1, 2018


I wrote "there isn't anything like a cold beer" which should be accepted, especially given that it's actually closer to a literal translation.

September 8, 2014


It is probably an idiomatic phrase. We have the same phrase in spanish; "No hay nada como una cerveza fría." A literal translation is not always better, specially with idioms ;)

November 7, 2014


Non, c'è (ci+è), niente, come una birra fredda. =
Not, there+is, nothing, like a cold beer. ~
There is nothing like a cold beer.

August 13, 2019


but - fredda is "getting cold"? Could it not be "Non c'è niente come una birra fredo"?

August 13, 2013


From what I understand, it is "fredda" because "birra" is feminine.

August 14, 2013


Is anyone else uncomfortable typing emotive sentences expressing opinions they don't agree with, or is that just me?

January 12, 2016


that's just you, I have to right I am a woman and I am the woman all the time. (I am a twelve-year old boy)

April 27, 2018


I wrote: nothing is like a cold beer, sbd it was rejected. Can someone tell me why?

April 21, 2019


I think because the sentence contains c'è, so the translation should contain "there is" and the rest of the sentence follows from that.

April 22, 2019


I quite like a hood gin and tonic, but sometimes cold beer really is the only thing.

July 23, 2018


In estate si, non in inverno.

October 8, 2018


This double negative keeps cropping up, time and time again. In English you wouldn’t say “there is not nothing like a cold beer”! Why do the Italians ?

October 20, 2018


Yes or no we must skip this number and go on with the rest of the excersises. For two days I have stuck

April 3, 2019


At least, let us advance

April 3, 2019
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