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  5. "Scriviamo i secondi."

"Scriviamo i secondi."

Translation:We write the seconds.

August 9, 2013



This sentence is structured sensibly, but I don't know what it is intended to mean.


I guess a better translation would be 'we write down the seconds' as in writing down the training records of an athlete.


In English (UK English certainly, anyway), if we are recording the proceedings of a meeting, we write down the 'minutes'. Hope this helps :)


That's helpful, although it may also serve to illustrate the different way we talk about things in English compared to Italian. Normally I would have run a 5k this morning, and I would record my 'time'.


To avoid confusion: I am not a native speaker and I suspect this not to be the most idiomatic way of putting it in Italian either. Just making clear what it is likely to mean.


Incomprehensible in English.


Is this the same things as writing the minutes of a meeting? This sentence confuses me totally.


No. It means the time unit.


Sorry for being e little bit OOT, but, what is the Italian for "We write in (some) seconds"? Is it right if I translate like this, "Scriviamo nei/ai secondi"? Or, "Scriviamo in/a dei secondi"? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Grazie mille...


What is this sentence supposed to mean? Ridiculous

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