"Oi, prazer em conhecer."

Translation:Hi, nice to meet you.

August 9, 2013

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Another example where teaching the informal greeting "Oi" may result in using an inappropriate translation. If you're going to use the (formal) phrase "pleasure to meet you" with someone, you're probably not going to greet the person "Oi!"


Oi, prazer em conhecĂȘ lo.... its better


:& The translation is not appearing up here ^^ >:( Anyways, I put "hi pleased to meet you" which was accepted just wondering what else is accepted here.


I put "Hi, pleasure to meet you"


I put "Hi, nice to meet you", which was also correct.


This one was very difficult, It shows conhecer as knowing a person which is roughly what it means in Spanish but it usually ends with "you" at the end so i expected Voce at the end of this sentence. It felt to me as an incomplete sentence.


Yes, this is an expression, Chris0419. It is incomplete in Portuguese too, but it is the way some people say it. I was unsure of how to translate it at first, but chose to use the "you" since the expression doesn't translate well literally. =]


I don't get why conhecer refers to "you", it should be conhecer voce


It doesn't refer to you, the phrase is incomplete at least in Euro portuguese. It should be either, "Oi, prazer em (conhecer vocĂȘ or te conhecer)", or "Oi, prazer em conhecer-te ", among other variations. Anyway, this phrase is informal, it is acceptable in some circles.


How woud you say that in a formal way...

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