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What happens when you make a typo?

I make a decent amount of typos, so I was wondering, do they send any signals to Duolingo?

August 9, 2013



Yes, you do that, but I have this specific question: if you spell a word (in another language) without an accent or umlaut, does it send a signal to Duolingo and does Duo review that word more?


Oh,I thought you meant something else.And yes,it corrects it for you-so the next time you don't get it wrong:)


clarabouch is asking about something else. When you "peek", a signal is sent to Duo that you haven't mastered that word, so it makes you practise it more often (I only just learnt this). That doesn't happen with typos as far as I know, but perhaps it should, as Yamarrin says. It would help with use of accents and spelling.


Let me know what you don't understand.


I've been asking myself the same thing since I started German with all those umlauts recently.

If it doesn't, I believe it should, because a mistake is still a mistake, even if the sentence passes as correct (which is ok, in my opinion).


If you type a word without an umlaut it will still accept the word, but will go "You have a typo!" and then explain your typo. Sometimes this is the case with other words, too; however, they can't be too lenient. They have to draw the line somewhere between typo and just not knowing how to spell the word. About the signal thing, though, I have no idea.


Sometimes,I feel the same.


Although,I don't hardly ever have any problems (rarely) with French.I mean,even though my IQ is 94 solid,I still make mistakes-and i have no idea why.


Everybody makes mistakes, and I don't think that ones IQ would change that. I suppose that even Einstein made mistakes.


Hmm-I never thought of it that way.I guess it's true,thank you:)


Yes, making mistakes is how you learn, particularly on Duolingo!

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