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"Du får sitta den här stolen."

Translation:You may sit on this chair.

February 6, 2015


[deactivated user]

    This is something I've noticed throughout my journey of learning Swedish on Duolingo - the TTS seems to pronounce "s" like "sh" in many places.

    In this case, it sounds like 'du får -shitta- på den här stolen' rather than -sitta-. Is this how the language is, or simply an inconvenience with the TTS? If it is the language, is there a general rule?


    That's no error, but a feature of the Swedish language. The letter R will, in all but southern dialects, merge with S when preceding it, to produce the Swedish tje-sound. It can merge even across word boundaries if one words ends with an R and the next starts with an S-sound.


    This is one of the few things that the new TTS that we're currently A/B testing does worse than the old one. The new TTS instead swallows the R at the ending of får completely, which is done in some dialects, but not in Standard Swedish.
    Since it's an A/B test, different people will hear different things. To hear the new TTS, go to http://www.ivona.com/ and pick Swedish Astrid in the menu.

    [deactivated user]

      I have to say, that TTS sounds incredible.


      I came into the comments for exactly the opposite reason, i.e., both s's sounds like s. TTS has changed, I guess, since I recognize the voice in your link. Commenting just to save others time if they have the same question ...


      Yes, the TTS from Ivona won the tests and is our current TTS. It's generally much better than the one we originally had, but in this specific case, the old one was better. Most people assimilate r + s into a retroflex sh sound, even across word borders.


      Is there a different word for "stool" in Swedish?


      Out of curiosity, why is "You may sit upon this chair" incorrect?


      I typed 'för' instead of 'får' and it accepted it without any feedback. I'm assuming the app thinks it's just a typo but considering that 'för' is an actual word with many sometimes confusing uses, maybe it would be wise to add a 'you have a typo' note if possible or at worst reject it as wrong. I know that might fall outside of what the language contributors are able to do though.

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