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Can't buy bonus skill 'idiom' in store

I earned three bonus skill slots yesterday then I found two skills in store. I figure out I really like 'idiom' but its cost is 30 lingots which exceeds my account so I decided to save up for it. However, when checked my goal earlier I only find that its price is gone and I can't buy it anymore. Does anybody know the reason? What can I do for it?

February 6, 2015



Probably it is temporarely. I have checked it and the bonu skills are on the right place for the languages wich have rhem.


I have no clue. It's still not available. Sad... There is no price at all. But thanks anyway.


The most common solution for all kinds of bugs on Duolingo is just to reload the entire page (by pressing F5). Helped me many times.


Tried, didn't work. But THX! :-)

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