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"È impossibile vivere senz'acqua."

Translation:It is impossible to live without water.

August 9, 2013



Just to help you fellows ou there learning this difficult language... as a native speaker I can adfirm you that elision is totally optional but nowadays we tend to use it with some expression such as "c'è" or "cos'è?": you will never find written anywhere " ci è" etc..

Apart from that it is gradually becoming unusual to put the elision when the last vowel of a word and the first of the one which follows.are different: whilst senz'acqua is pretty usual, senz'effetto, for example, is more easy to.be found in literature than in casual writings. Remember always not to.put the apostrophe.when there is "troncamento": e.g. qual è? Hope I helped

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IS the apostrophe essential? I am muddled over when it's necessary and when optional!


me too but as far as i know you drop the final vowel and put an apostrophe when the next word's vowel is the same as the one you dropped. senza acqua => senz'acqua


Assolutamente. Troppo vero.


It should be correct to also interpret tha as: "It is NOT possible to live without water"


But tin thatcase it'd be phrased as "Non é possibile..."


to a native english speaker both sentences MEAN exactly the same thing but "impossible" is the literal translation


They mean the same in Italian too, but they are not grammatically equivalent.


challenge accepted


I think duo is having a meltdown in a desert somewhere ... can i use the phone? I want to call my friends. I am ready to die. It is impossible to live without water!!! This duo's sos or a recap of a movie i havent seen in lockdown yet?

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