Re verbs

In Verbs Present 1,the notes state that all verbs fit into 3 groups: -er ending -ir ending -irregular verbs Where do re ending verbs fit into?

February 6, 2015


This discussion would work better in the French forum, where more users who have this knowledge can help and users who don't won't get pointless clutter.

In Present 2, another group is added and still no -re verbs and Present 3 has no tips and notes.

Interestingly, two -re verbs are discussed in Verbs: Present 1, connaƮtre (irregular) and attendre.

There are five irregular -re verb patterns and the irregular verbs are supposed to be in the 3rd group, so perhaps they decided to consider the group of "regular" -re verbs as an irregular form of the 3rd group of verbs as the only difference is the third person singular does not have -t added to it. Imagine how hard it is for beginners to learn a regular -re verb pattern, only to find out there are 5 more groups of -re verbs which are irregular and different from each other. Interestingly, the 4th group of irregular -re verbs does take the -t in the third person singular and are exactly like that 3rd verb group on Duolingo. Did they decide that this group was actually larger than the -re group that many language courses teach as "regular"? Perhaps with the addition of other non -re groups with similar endings, this set of endings may have ended up being a larger group.

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