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Show alternate translations even when correct

I'd like to see all the acceptable alternate translations even when I get a translation right, just like I do when I get it right.

That way, even if I have some sense of a word or phrase, I can expand the breadth of my understanding.

Also, if there is some correct translation that I'm not sure Duolingo recognizes so I avoid it to avoid losing a heart, listing all the acceptable translations after I've entered an answer would let me know if I ought to suggest it or not.

August 9, 2013



This is unfortunately not possible because a single sentence can hold up to thousands of correct translations.


When I make a mistake, Duolingo will show some several correct translations. Why not do the same even when I don't make a mistake?

And I know for a fact that Duolingo doesn't have 'thousands' of correct translations because I will sometimes get marked wrong for submitting obvious variants.


Sorry, my reply was in response to "all the acceptable alternate translations". See danwizard2013's comment for the quote.

Duolingo at the moment shows a few translations when you give 'a' correct input which it doesn't necesarily feel as being the best. I don't oppose Duolingo showing you some alternate translations whenever you input 'the best' translation aswell, but it certainly cannot show all.


I see the point. Of course most correct variations don't have any significance (i.e., 'my sister and my brother went' vs. 'my brother and my sister went'), but I have my doubts that Duolingo's database is as comprehensive as all that because, as I already pointed out, I sometimes will get errors for some fairly basic translation variations.

Anyhow, whatever algorithm Duolingo already uses to show you the major correct variations when you get an answer wrong is all I'm looking for (I've never seen it suggest 'better' alternatives when I've come up with a correct but somewhat awkward translation).


Update August 2018: Recently (I think) the browser version started giving alternative (sometimes better) translations for correct answers. Previously I had only seen that on Android.

Original comment: While automatically showing all translations would be excessive, I agree it would be nice to have it show at least one or two. I know that some of my "correct" translations are awkward and not as likely to be the intended meaning. It would also be nice to have the full list of correct translations available with a link, for when there is a challenging sentence I want to study in depth.

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