i need help!

Is it possible that when i change to the new course, the website automatically delete all my points from the old course? i have been studying Dutch for awhile , today i wanted to learn another languages,and when i swichted back to Dutch course,i saw that i had to redo everything :((( Do you know how to get them back??? Thanks alot!

February 6, 2015


Click on the flag left on your picture, choose another language, rhen choose you basic language of the old course, after that you can choose you learned laguage. The problem in Duolingo is, that you can only see the learned languages from one basic language. When you want to see the languages from another basic language, you have to change the basic language. Maybe Duolingo should make it easier to change the basic language, or Duolingo should make all course visible, sorted on the basic language.

I have answered it in Dutch. You can never loose your points and lessons when you start another language.

and i have replied you in Dutch too ;)

Maybe you accidently switched 'back' to the reversed tree?

i have no idea :( But i wonder if i can get them back ?

I meant, maybe you started the English-Dutch course, instead of Dutch-English or visa-versa? Those are two separate trees.

ah were right! i thought i took Dutch course but actually i took English course in Dutch. the other way around :p Thanks!!! het was stom van mij!!!!!!

Glad you got it fixed! ;D

Yes! Im so relief ;-) thanks

The way I switch is: Click on your name right above, go to 'settings' (the third option), then Learning Language (second option), then 'I want to learn Dutch (Netherlands) (I know English)'.

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