"Nu kan du läsa svåra texter."

Translation:Now you can read difficult texts.

February 6, 2015

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På den här punkten i den svenka kursen kan vi naturligtvis läsa svåra texter!


Thanks Luis for Duolingo!


Ja det kan vi! Det är toppen!! :DDDDD


Why is this kan du rather than du kan? This order seems like a question instead of a statement to me.


It's the v2 rule again - Swedish wants the verb second. If this were a question, it'd be Kan du läsa svåra texter nu?


I've found that I can read some Swedish news and get the general idea of what's going on :).


What surprised me was I can read some Norwegian news and get a general idea of what's going on...!


Yep, they're very similar!

Edit: I read the Norwegian newspaper at breakfast while in Norway without a phone and I did alright.


Download "the jungle book" film. it had an audiotrack in norwegian or swedish which just said "track 1 and track 2" Took me a minute to work out which one was which as I was understanding most of both lol


when I see a danish sentence, I realize "this is not Swedish but I understand it anyway". When I see a Norwegian sentence, I first understand it and than I think "wait, this was not Swedish". That's how I tell Danish from Norwegian apart


Just by learning Swedish i can understand Danish and Norwegian writings.. but in terms of spoken language Danish is a lot harder to understand than Norwegian:/


Danish has some...interesting vowel shifts and consonant shifts (mun full av potatis). Norwegian just has some (very regular) spelling shifts, and just enough grammatical differerences to remind you that you're not speaking Swedish. I really recommend that anyone this far into the Swedish course should try Norwegian (and maybe Danish).


I know right! I watched a Norwegian movie one time with my dad, and I found myself not looking at the captions for like 40% of the movie.


I can read the news stories, but when it comes to the comments I have a hard time. Misspellings, bad grammar and punctuation ... all the things I can deal with in English give me a headache in Swedish.


I can also watch my childhood movies from Astrid Lindgren in the Original language and I can understand quite a lot :).


Duo didn't accept my translation of texter as lyrics. Is that incorrect on my part?


I think you're adding a little bit too much that would require a context. Without context, I'd say låttexter to make it clear I was talking about lyrics.


I was thinking that "läsa" is also learn not only read, I am wrong?!


Only in relation to a subject - implied or explicit.


The shame I felt after clicking the hints to read this:(

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