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When the music world joins Duolingo...

I have an amazing idea.

Just imagine what will happen when the music world and learning language world collide....

I love music. When I was really little, to help myself learn German I would sing songs in German all day. What if there was an added tab for a music player where we could listen to songs in the language(s) we were learning? Not only would it be interesting to know what songs other countries listen to, but it would be a great way to learn. Listening to how native people use their language in songs would increase our knowledge on the language. Having a catchy tune to something can really help it stick in your brain. If you didn't know exactly what the song was saying, there could be a section where it was translated for you. You could create your own playlists of your favorite songs, and control everything from a side bar. Who is with this idea? Feel free to add suggestions! I hope this is added!!! :D

August 9, 2013



I use "TuneIn Radio" it is an app that I have on my iPhone (I do not know if it is available for android) but it is international internet radio you can listen to almost any station in any city of the country you desire.


I absolutely love that app. Obviously can't pick the songs I want to hear like with Spotify, but it's a great way to branch out into other foreign music genres.


I think this is a great idea! I love listening to music while I practice my German skills, and recently, I've found a German band called "Schiller". It's instrumental for the most part, but sometimes there's a few words here, and there. I would love to learn some German songs, and maybe even translate some of my favorite songs into German, and sing them! I support you, and they should totally do that!


I think this is overall a very good suggestion for a supplement to Duolingo, but it doesn't really need to be added right here on the site as a feature. You can simply find the music you enjoy from your target language, create a playlist and practice whenever you want. In any case what do you usually do when you listen to music? I just listen. Got Youtube and Spotify for that. Also better than having translations: Explore the song on your own, look up meanings and listen. Let the language sink in.


I love learning via song. I have the Tangled soundtrack in Italian, as well as some of Jovanotti's greatest hits. It definitely helps with the concepts. I recently learned via duolingo that "siamo noi" means "it's us". That is a lyric in one of my favorite Jovanotti songs that I could never figure out (as it literally translate to "we are us"). And in another song they say "sento che sei tu", which literally means "I feel that you are you". Much more logical if it means "I feel it is you". So they do go hand in hand!


Singing in a foreign language can significantly improve learning how to speak it, according to a new study published in Springer's journal Memory & Cognition. Adults who listened to short Hungarian phrases and then sang them back performed better than those who spoke the phrases, researchers at the University of Edinburgh's Reid School of Music found. People who sang the phrases back also fared better than those who repeated the phrases by speaking them rhythmically ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/07/130718101047.htm)

I think that's self explanatory, the research proves that your idea is valid. Maybe you need to contact the developers and a way to implement it can come up.


An excellent idea, although the selection of songs would likely be small due to international copyrights. We'd be limited to public domain songs. Still, it's a start. Perhaps if this is implemented we can have an associated discussion section recommending popular songs in each of these languages? Hijo de la Luna in Spanish, for example.


Use Spotify! It has a huge number of songs! That solves the copyright problem!


I'm completely with you. I use Spotify and other sites to listen to my foreign music (Bushido, CRo, so and so forth) and I even enjoy singing along to children's songs (I think those are the most useful.) As 1bimic said, some people might think that listening to a language won't help you learn it. I think that completely depends on the student. I, for one, not only learn from songs but it is also a way of keeping track of how much I'm learning. One month I may only know so much of a song, then the next month I can understand more parts of it. It's a fun way to see how I've progressed.

I can see how actually obtaining these songs may be difficult, but most certainly not impossible. It would, no doubt, take quite a while (and I'm sure that's an understatement) but I think it would truly pay off.


You mention singing childrens songs -- I've enjoyed watching German Sesame Street (Sesamstraße) similarly -- childrens songs and TV shows are great for learning a foreign language!


Oh, I'll have to look into that! The kids shows I watch are SpongeBob Schwammkopf and Cosmo und Wanda. You can find plenty of Nick shows by searching nick.de. I'll have to look up Sesamestrasse because I think I would love it!


sesamstrasse.de has whole episodes for streaming


Huh, wonder why our comments got downvoted. Either way, thank you so much, I will definitely look into it!


If instead of giving the songs themselves, duolingo can give a list of songs - then as you say, they are available on Spotify etc - of which there is a free version as well as an inexpensive paid version. Yeah ... go with it!


A list, hm? That actually sounds like a great idea. A list of songs and then, maybe even a list of recommended sites? There's this one site (I can't remember the name right now) that I'd go to for my children songs and it was amazing. I certainly hope they go for it!


I don't think integrating this feature in Duolingo is a good idea. I like the clean und uncluttered feel of duolingo. Also I didn't even know people liked to learn through music. It doesn't work for me and I'm sure many others are with me. People learn differently. Nobody stops you from creating a list and a thread in this forum though, where you could work together with others creating something like that with external ressources like spotify. I think it might be interesting to listen to songs. But not as a duolingo feature in an ugly sidebar.

I do not think it could happen anyways because of messy copyright law situations which are different in every country.

Also duolingo should do what it does best. If they were to start implementing lots of different features only beneficial to some people it wouldn't be good. It think you are supposed to use duolingo with other ressources for best results.


Well, I would still like to have it. Not everybody will like the idea, and that's okay. If you don't like the addition, then don't use it! I hope it will be there for all the people who are music lovers, like me :)


I think it's a great idea. It's very important to be able to speak a language, not just read/write it, and if Clara's idea were implemented, it would help with that.

As for the copyrights... there are solutions to that problem.


that would be cool


I like that idea! There are a few issues - like with copyrighted songs - but they could be solved.


A good place i have found is Stereomood.com . you can go there and type "spanish" , "cuban" , "latin" , or other keywords to get a playlist of music in spanish. I haven't tried any other languages, though. It is free, and if you sign in you can save your favorites and listen over and over if you want.


If Duolingo can get around the copyright issue, this would be GREAT! German is not a language I like to sing in, but as a musician, it is a requirement! I would absolutely LOVE this!


I guess to get around copyright, if doulingo published a play list in each language (to which we could all add our list of songs) then anyone can hear them on spotify - the free version is open to everyone! I love the idea!!


I love german songs, love to sing in German, so much force haha


I do that anyway haha so i wouldnt be too bothered


This will never be implemented. But it would be a good idea to share the interprets names that could "represent" your home country.

For example for you guys interested in german music try "Die Prinzen" and "Wise Guys"


Oh Herr bitte gib mir meine sprache zuruck ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI5yUJM9bKI

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