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"You could not have done it without me."

Translation:Du kunne ikke have klaret det uden mig.

February 6, 2015



Why is 'klaret' accepted for 'done' but not 'gjort' (or even 'lavet')? Done and finished are related concepts but not identical. I think the former is likely to describe long-term help and the latter last-minute help


klaret would mean finished in this context, no? In that case i'm really not sure the english translation matches the danish one.


Maybe 'klaret' translates to something like 'taken care of' or German 'erledigt'. Can someone comment on that?


A problem I keep running into with sentences like these in the negative: is there a reason that "ikke" has to come between "kunne" and "have," or would it be acceptable to say "kunne have ikke..."?


You need to know if it is a dependent or indepedent clause. If it is a depedent clause (like this sentence), 'ikke' has to be between the verb and the subject. If it is an indepedent clause, 'ikke' has to be after the verb and the subject.

Example: "Han er IKKE smuk" - "Han er sød, fordi han IKKE er smuk"


How does one know if det or den is the correct word here. I keep picking the wrong one.


I would think you would use 'det' for an abstract accomplishment that can be expressed in a phrase or a noun of neuter gender. You'd only use 'den' in referring to some specific word whose gender is common.


I keep wondering why klaret is pronounced with a hard t at the end, and not with a soft d

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