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More customization please

I am getting a bit tired of some of the learning variations like having to write down what the robot is saying. I see that there is an option in the settings for turning off the speakers but I assume that will just turn off all sound, that is not what I meant. I would simply like to remove those exercises.

And of course, the picture where you have to pick the article and the noun and the three boxes where you can check one of them.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to be able to choose to only translate sentences from my target language into English when it is my target language I need to be thinking in.

I would also, just once in a while, like the "immersion" articles to show up as English articles I would have to translate into my target language.

Now, what would be nice is a way to just modify your personal settings for what kind of modes you would like to include when you are learning. Like, only answering in target language. Just like you can click "off" on microphone to remove speech (which doesn't seem to work well with my computer).

August 9, 2013



Good idea! I like that one. It's just that I think if your lessons are customized too much, you'd only be able to translate from Spanish to English (which is not a good way to know a language). But in order to translate from English to Spanish, you'd have to be learning English.


I think you misunderstood me. I want to give my answers in Spanish from English instead of the other way around which is what is mostly happening. I don't get to improve my Spanish much if I'm always going to be writing the answer in English. Output is the key here.


Oh, but you're not really going to learn Spanish if you don't listen to someone speak it .... Unless you just want to read and write it .


Making it customizable will let me choose to do this at a later stage in the learning when I have already gotten a good hang of how words are pronounced based on how they are written. Learning how to speak and listen can only be done by having actual conversations with people, only then will you start to get the intonation right. Anyway, I am really just asking them to make it optional. If it was optional you could choose not to pick any of the options you didn't like.

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