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Does Duolingo make you fluent in french?

Once I have finished with this programme, Do I become fluent in French (With daily practise)?

November 25, 2012



I completed Spanish, just to investigate the course. I was already almost fluent in Spanish. I think this course will bring you somewhere between basic and moderate. The course will be a good first part for learning a language.


I agree with jcbos. It's a good beginning. I'd be doubtful that you would be fluent because it takes years to achieve fluency in any language. By the end of the Duolingo lessons I'd say you will have a moderate vocabulary and an idea of simple grammar but to be fluent you need actual practice in speaking the language in conversation and, since I'm now near the end of Level 14 and have yet to move beyond the present tense, I'd be doubtful that we will have more than a basic grounding in grammar by the end. Because of this I've been trying other French learning resources and found french.about.com/od/lessons/a/beginningfrench.htm particularly useful. There's a list of other resources on this site too.


They give you the basics and teach you how to use them in different occasions.So I think if you practice them a lot you'll become fluent in French.


I am signed for Spanish and Italian, How do I sign up for French?


I don't think so. To be fluent in a foreign language it takes several years. Duolingo can be completed in a couple of years


And at the end of such two years you know probably about a thousand words and you are able to form quite basic phrases and translate text with the help of a dictionary. Nowadays duolingo doesn't seem to me to provide for an "advanced" course. Still a pretty impressive site, though


Bepe, you Posted: To be fluent in a foreign language it takes several years. Duolingo can be completed in a couple of years. Did you mean "Duolingo can be completed in a couple of months?" I have been studying Spanish with Duolingo for about a month or so and am about 1/3 of the way through the course. I like it a lot, but I doubt that I'll be fluent when I finish the course.


It depends on how much time you can trow in ... I can barely manage one hour or 40 minutes a day (ok, I like to translate and I don't concentrate on exercises alone ...)


I have started as absolute beginner during the spring. I have started with another profile and I have completed about half the course by the end of September (about 9000 points) then I have decided to re-start with this profile because German grammar is taugh and I needed extra basic work ...


Your goal should be to get to level 25. Then, you will have successfully completed all of what duolingo has to offer.

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