"En kvinna dricker."

Translation:A woman is drinking.

February 6, 2015

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Does "A woman drinks" work here too? Seems to be the same as eats in the previous lesson, but the translation thing doesn't show "drinks" as a translation.


Yes, that is perfectly fine. We don't distinguish between present and continuous, we've only got the present tense to cover both those.


So when do you use Kvinnan and when Kvinna?


Kvinnan = the woman (En) kvinna = a woman The kvinna needs en before it if ots not kvinnan i think


Wow! I thought it'd be "a woman drinks", so i guess there really is no present continuous form. Is there a past or future continuous form, out of interest?


No, but we have ways to express a stronger degree of continuity (which work in all tenses). You can add a position verb and och and say for instance Hon sitter och läser lit. 'She is sitting and reading' and this gives a stronger sense of something continuous than the English present continuous. It's taught later on in the course, but there's some more info in this topic: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5954508


Ugh. I kept putting the same thing in, and I was wrong every time. I then looked up what the answer was, and it was the same thing I had been doing >:(


Sounds like you had a bug. :( It only happens very rarely, but at least restarting the lesson usually helps.


What the difference between kvinnan and kvinna??

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