Need help on spanish :/

What is the difference between "Tú eres una mujer" and "Ella eres una mujer"? Also between "Tú es un hombre" and " Usted es un hombre"
Can someone please explain

3 years ago

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In Spanish, there are two ways to address another person as "you".

Tú is for your friends, or young children. It's casual, or familiar.
Usted is for instructors, people you've just met, people who are older than you. It's formal.

The verb "ser" is conjugated like this:
Yo soy (I am)
Tú eres (You -familiar- are)
Usted/él/ella es (You -formal-/he/she is)
Nosotros somos (we are)
Ustedes/ellos/ellas son (you all/they are)

So you would say:
Tú eres una mujer - You, my friend, are a woman.
Ella es una mujer - She is a woman.
Tú eres un hombre - You, my friend, are a man.
Usted es un hombre - You, my associate, are a man.

But you would never say:
Ella eres una mujer, because Ella es, Tú eres.
Tú es un hombre, because Tú eres, Usted or Él es.

Hope that helps a little!

3 years ago

I would add that the formal and informal are used pretty much the same as in English. If you would call someone 'sir' or 'maam' or they might call you 'sir' or 'maam' use usted. Generally, when I address someone my own age in a casual situation I will use the familiar (tú), whether or not I have met them before.

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Thank u that helps a lot!!!!:D

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thxs soo much, hopefully it will help

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Thank you! That was very helpful!

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