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Skill points for translation

I just did my first translation. The article was long, so I didn't finish. I stopped when it said I had about 13 points (or whatever it calls them). When I looked on my "stream" it said I had translated ONE sentence, gave me one gold coin and one broken puzzle piece. What the heck does that mean, and why didn't I earn more skill points, or gold coins, or whatever?!?

August 9, 2013



Well actually you've earned those points (I know they don't show up on your stream but you've still earned them). But were the twelve of those points you've earned were by clicking "Looks Good"? Just to let you know, Those "looks good" buttons (well the points you've earned from them) don't show up on your stream because you didn't actually translate it. When you've actually translated it, you had to type in a box the translation. Did you do that?


Did you refresh your page? While lessons seem to show up immediately in your point total, translations do not.


Thanks for both the responses. I think 1bimic found my problem. Other than one time, I just checked "looks good" because I thought the sentence didn't need improvement. As you get more advanced, is there more opportunity to actually translate?


The opportunity to translate isn't really connected to experience. Rather, if you want an article that hasn't been translated, you need to search for the new articles.


And, of course, you can improve existing translations. That seems to count as translation. Sometimes that includes things like cleaning up simple typos and English grammar errors. If you do that, while checking to the best of your ability with the original language text to make sure that you are not distorting the original meaning, you can actually provide as very useful service.

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