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  5. "Han sover på lektionen."

"Han sover lektionen."

Translation:He is sleeping during the lesson.

February 6, 2015



Is it correct the translation "He sleeps in the lesson" ?


Added that now, 3+ years later. :)


Jag tänker också att "in" är OK. I'll report it.


Can this not be translated as 'he sleeps in the lesson'? Also, if one wanted to be more explicit about the 'during', could one say 'Han sover under lektionen'?


I have reported that "He is sleeping in the lesson." should be accepted. Hmm, you'd have to check with one of the mods, but I -think- "under" would be right but possibly have more of a suggestion of TIME, rather than PLACE. I take it from this sentence that there is a student or teacher sitting in the classroom, asleep. I would IMAGINE that "Han sover under lektionen." could suggest that maybe he is at home sleeping while he should be in class. But again, ask a mod or a native speaker.


under does work, but it would mean that he sleeps through the entire lesson, whereas could be at any time during it.


Thanks. So I was on the right track thinking that "under" would be suggestive of time, but not that the student might be at home while it was on. Thanks for adding the solutions deva ;-)


Just to be clear: han sover under lektionen doesn't necessarily specify where he is, but I would presume he was (physically) present for class - not in his bed.


I put "He sleeps in the lesson " and got marked wrong. Why was this?


Added that. :)


Why is "he sleeps in the lesson" wrong?


I added that a week ago, so it should be accepted. If you were marked incorrect for it, I'm afraid I don't know what went wrong.


Why isn't "He sleeps during the lesson" accepted? I gave that as an answer and it corrected it to, "He is sleeping during the lesson", with the present progressive.


That's definitely accepted. Unless you had a typo, you suffered a bug.


Kan vi säga att han sover under lektionen?


Nu 'på' betyder even during hahaha


What's wrong about "He sleeps at the lesson?"


is the "k" pronounced in lektion? I can't quite tell from here and even after going to the pronounciation website


It depends a bit on the speaker. I'd say there's a continuum in the consonant cluster you can use there.

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