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Irish History and Culture Section/Portal?

I was wondering if there were a way to include an Irish History and Culture section on Duolingo? Or at least a portal, like there is for Irish language resources, where people could post links to articles and documentaries? A lot of people here to learn Irish either have Irish ancestry and/or are interested in the history and culture. But, here in America at least, none of the history of Ireland we learn in grade school is correct. In fact, most of it is completely the opposite of what happened.

For instance, there wasn't actually a famine. Well, there WAS, but it was entirely artificial, the product of English colonialism. The reason why the potato blight was so devastating was because potatoes were the only thing that would grow on the poor soil the English landlords allowed the Irish peasants to live on. All the food grown (by the Irish peasants!) on the land owned by the landlords was shipped off to England under armed guard. But you will never read about that in a history textbook.

And that's just one example. I think people would be floored by just how much the history they were taught deviates from what actually happened, and what the political influences behind that are.


~ A History Major

February 6, 2015



There's not really a definite place for history or culture sections, but many people post information as a series of discussions. You could make one for Irish, because you seem to know about it. I find history very interesting, so I would love reading things like that. It's amazing how inaccurate our grasp of history is!

Edit: I just found this discussion about different countries' cultures. Maybe you could do a post for it. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6866960


Thanks! Maybe I can get a thread started that other people can contribute to, and, with enough discussion, it will eventually get turned into a portal? Fingers crossed. :)


It sounds great, good luck! :)


Google, and Wikipedia.


Yes, but 1) it's more fun (and efficient) to collaborate, and 2) a lot of people don't realize just how misleading the history they are taught in school is, so they may not even consider whether they should double check what they were taught. People are much more likely to follow an easy link here, where they are already "in the mindset" of studying about Irish language and culture and where there are other enthusiastic people they can interact with, than to embark on the daunting task of sifting through piles and piles of google results all by their lonesome. I mean, I'm a history major, and that sounds off-putting even to me, given the alternative.


I think that this has a lot of potential for duolingo content growth. I'm not learning Irish, but I'd still subscribe to a portal to learn about Irish history. The trend your fighting here is that the mission of Duolingo is only to teach a language and not a culture. I'd bet that you could give a very good case to the web developers and it would some with my deepest support.

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