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"Hun laver aftensmad til hele holdet fredag."

Translation:She will cook dinner for the entire team on Friday.

February 6, 2015



I don't think it's right to insist that this is expressed in future tense. Why couldn't it equally be an ongoing present tense statement: "she cooks dinner for the entire team on Friday", as in it's something she does each and every Friday?


That would be "om fredagen" or some other time expression.


How are you to know that this is talking about the future?


"på fredag" is at the end, which is presumably in the future. The notes for this lesson say:

"Danish usually has an unmarked future, meaning it uses the present tense as future."

So Danish is just not quite as explicit as English in this aspect.


However, when doing the strengthen skills, you have no idea what skills they are and so cannot assume that it asks for the future. The på fredag part doesn't give much away either.


Ohhh, I never do the general "Strengthen Skills" but now I see where it could be confusing.

The "på fredag" part helps me realize it's in the future, because if it were to be directly translated into English as "She cooks dinner for the team on Friday", it sounds wrong. (Saying "on Fridays" instead of "on Friday", or changing "cooks" to "cooked" would make that sentence correct in my opinion, but it would be expressing something different.)

I guess it all boils down to being a difference between Danish and English that just has to be taken into consideration. :/


Er "...to the entire team..." forkert?

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