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Stream Commenting Should Have Notifications?

As of late I've noticed more and more people using Stream to communicate with one another. I for one love the stream idea, it's a great way to keep up with what people are doing, but I've noticed one big issue. Due to how many people I'm following, whenever someone sends me something via Stream it gets buried underneath less important stuff.

I think Duo should notify you when someone leaves a comment on your Stream so there's no need to dig around your Stream to check. (Truthfully, I'd much rather have a PM box or a Chat system, but I'd settle with Stream Notifications.)

So, good idea, yea or nay?

August 9, 2013



Maybe there should be a "Filter Stream" option in your settings? I'm not particularly interested when someone learns a skill, but I do like to see when people comment in discussions or level up.


Yes, that's a good idea too. I would be able to filter things out.


I think I must have misunderstood your question, because you can be notified when someone posts to your stream (it's an option in your profile, see my guide here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/672818). By a strange coincidence I posted to your stream a couple of days ago in connection with my "etiquette" discussion, so I guess you didn't notice that.

What doesn't seem to have a notification is when you post to all your followers from the text box at the top of your stream. Unless someone knows better.


I get email notifications but not actual notifications in Duolingo for stream comments.


Thanks, I thought I was missing something. I always have my email client open at the same time as Duolingo so the little bell icon doesn't do a lot for me. I guess this is a much more important consideration for people who use Duolingo on a smartphone, Android tablet or an iPad. So, yes, I'm all for it.

Now I think about it, if someone has email notifications turned off and they don't check their stream, they would never know they had a message, so can I have two votes for yes?

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I get the email notifications too.


What I mean by notifications is, you see that bell up there? That notifies you when someone drops a comment on something you've commented on? I would love to see a notification up there, not an email one (I don't check my email).

And you're right, I didn't see your comment in my stream, I'm sorry, or I would have replied. I'm sure you're not the first person in my stream to post something and then just get buried underneath everything.


Yes, Riley already pointed me in the right direction and the penny dropped (as my second comment above shows I think - I even mentioned the little bell) :-) As I said there, your idea is a good one and I support it. Until your idea is implemented by Duolingo though, you can always start checking your email.


Oh sorry, I simply skimmed, my bad, ha ha. And why thank you. And yeah, I changed the settings so it will send to my email, but I hope Duo will change it soon.


At the risk of offending people who already know this, you should realize there are actually two ways to view your stream.

If you are having trouble finding a message posted to your stream it's probably because you are using the stream tab on your Home page. That is your merged stream and it can get very busy if you follow a lot of people.

If you view your Profile page by clicking on the little head icon on the Duolingo banner, the stream tab there takes you to your individual stream; unless you are contributing to lots of discussions and/or rushing through your tree(s) it should be fairly easy to find things there, including any messages posted directly to your stream. Get into the habit of skimming it every so often.


I never knew this, thank you so so much.


Thank you very much, that certainly is useful. I never realised they were two different things, so I never bothered to use "the long way" to come to the stream :/.

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