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  5. "Skærmen er lyserød."

"Skærmen er lyserød."

Translation:The screen is pink.

February 6, 2015



Is screen only TV or computer screen or can it also apply to something that hides something, like a smoke screen or a dressing screen, or to screen for something, to sort it out?


Your graphics cards is dying. Try to reinstall latest drivers to see of it fixes the issue.


If this translates as both pink and light red or bright red, how do you distinguish between the two (or three)?


pink and light red are correct translations, bright red isn't and you would most like call something that is pink in english pink in danish too, and something that is light red would then be lyserød


up to now the translation has always been "bright red". Now suddenly it is "light red". Should be strict.

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The main translation of this sentence has it as "pink", but I have added "bright red" now


I don't think "bright red" is right. "Light red" could be in some context.

I can't think of anything I would describe as "lyserød" in Danish and also as "bright red" in English.


I once had the same error on my screen. Try on/off

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