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Teenage Girls Rule the Language: Theme Song from Aifric

Theme song from Aifric, a TG4 series (now defunct) about a 14-year-old girl (normal) and her family (very ditsy) who move from the big city to rural Connemara. Lots of episodes on Youtube. Many as Gaeilge. Many dubbed into (I think) Farsi. Engaging.

You can also see the lyrics (originally by the Chalets) with translation right beneath the YouTube video. Much of that translation originally appeared on the Irish Translation Forum.

I’m only playing the role of scribe and am copying it here for fun. I’ve added a glossary at the bottom (many words familiar from Duolingo lessons). Succinct corrections welcome. Here’s the link to the theme song:


Aifric, téamamhrá / Aifric, theme song

Seo mé ar aistear
This is me on a journey

Seo mo scéalsa
This is my story

Seo mé ar aistear
This is me on a journey

Anonn 's anall a théim
To and fro I go

Uaireanta ar strae
Sometimes straying

Le fáinne geal an lae
With the dawning of the day

Uaireanta ar strae,
Sometimes straying,

ó saol.
from life (the world, ? the beaten track?).

Nuair a bhíonn tú óg
When you are young

Siúlann tú an ród
You walk the road

Féileacán ar rince romhat
A butterfly dances before you

Astaíonn do bhuille
Your sending out your beat

Dúisithe an súil
Awakening hope

Athraíonn do shaol go buan.
Your life is constantly changing.


Seo mé - this is me (demonstrative pronoun that counts as the copula in this construction)

aistear - (m) journey

mo scéalsa - (from scéal; assuming that –sa makes it emphatic, my own story)

uaireanta - sometimes

anonn - other side

anall - far side

anonn agus anall - to and fro (agus contracted to 's)

téim - I go

fáinne (m) - ring, halo; fáinne geal an lae, the light of dawn, literally, "the bright ring of the day" (also the title of a lovely song recorded by Iarla Ó Lionáird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKIYyY67yM4 )

strae - stray

ó - from

saol - life

nuair a - when

bhíonn tú - you are (the habitual “do be” tense of bí)

óg - young

siúlann tú - you walk

ród - road

féileacán - butterfly

rince - dance

romhat - before you (roimh + tú)

astaíonn - emits, sends (astaigh - emit, send a signal)

buille (m) - beat (like a heart beat, beat of music)

dúisithe - awakened (dúisigh - wake up )

súil - hope (also means “eye”)

athraíonn - changes (athraigh - change )

do shaol - your life (saol)

go buan - constantly

February 6, 2015



Thanks! I like that show.


I only discovered it this week. It's really encouraging to understand phrases and words from the dialog. :D I even read Aifric had been dubbed into Scottish Gaelic for BBC Alba.


While this post may be six years old, I am grateful for the translation today!

Thanks to the TG4 app I have viewed quite a few of the Afric series and even though I am way past teenage years, I enjoy the show. I like it because the actors (of all ages) speak clearly. “La fainne geal an lea” translates to “with the drawing of the day”. I knew it could not about “a ring from Galilee”, thought that is how it seemed to translate to me.


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