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"We have won the elections."

Translation:Nosotras hemos ganado las elecciones.

5 years ago



I put "ganamos las elecciones" and got it right... should it be right? I just wrote the first thing that came to mind. I was surprised it worked. Do I speak spanish now?

2 years ago


The Spanish Past Perfect and the Spanish Present Perfect, despite having some different uses, most of the times are interchangeable. In Latin America, the Present Perfect has almost disappeared, substituted by the Past Perfect.

1 year ago


Come on Duolingo!! Even you should know that when a plural suffix is added to a word which requires an accent mark, the mark is dropped!

5 years ago

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Looks like they fixed it now!

4 years ago

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Don't ridicule Duolingo! It seems to be all part of the design for users to refine and improve the app.

3 years ago


I'm not sue I get this. But why wouldn't it be "Tenemos ganado las elecciones."?


1 year ago

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Tener is used for the physical act of having. Have a cat, have three siblings, have time.
Haber is used as part of the verb and is followed by a past participle. Have won, have eaten, have finished.

1 year ago


The verb "haber" is the auxiliary verb for every compound tense, such as the Spanish Present Perfect. In Italian and French, the auxiliaries are two, "to be" and "to have". In English, auxiliaries are many. Spanish, from this point of view, is easier than French, Italian and even English. The verb "tener", as Marxy65brown pointed out, is for the physical act of possession. http://www.wordreference.com/definicion/haber

1 year ago


Si. ¡Nosotros hicimos!

1 year ago