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Ridiculously quick de-gilding times?

Okay I've noticed the past couple of weeks that my tree has de-gilded far quicker than it used to. Every time I regild the tree, the next day I log in half the things I gilded are no longer gold, after just one day! I'm getting frustrated because I can't move on to learn more lessons because I'm spending all my time reviewing lessons I've already learned. The crazy part is I'm usually doing pretty well in my reviews so I don't think I really need to review them that soon after. Is this happening to anyone else with the Swedish tree?

February 7, 2015



I've also noticed that if you regild the last lesson, you'll often regild earlier lessons at the same time. It's worth regilding up the tree instead of down.


I'm the opposite way around. I feel I need a lot more reviews but things rarely de-gild (some days one or two, most days none). Maybe it will ramp up when I get further into the lessons. Only up to Adj. 1 at the moment.


Yeah, after Adj. 1 is where it starts getting bad (at least for me). Particularly around Numbers, Travel, and Education section (currently stuck on V:Pres 3 just because I have had to review Education EVERY day since I gilded it! Every day!!!! Same goes for Travel and Numbers, those are nearly every day and I honestly feel like I know far more than that amount of having to review so idk.


This happens when you get towards the end of the tree, any tree. I got my Italian tree all shiny with just twelve skills remaining and the next day 23 had degilded! Now I have decided to finish the tree then regild it. I did the same with the Swedish and Portugese trees. I managed to finish Spanish, French and German with them all gold, so this may have got worse, or perhaps I have got better at remembering words and don't feel the same need for review.


This is the furthest I've gotten on a Duolingo tree before so that makes sense. But I absolutely hate learning more with it all degilded :( Maybe I will do something like regild 3 learn 1 each day or something, because it hurts my eyes! But if I keep going at the rate I'm at, I'll reach level 25 in Swedish before I even finish the tree :P


yes, it gets really bad towards the end. my french tree i never bothered keeping gold cuz i was already much too advanced for the tree anyway and i just did it for the easy level 25, but i couldn't keep up with it at the end my portuguese tree, and i got so discouraged by doing a dozen strengthens every day and yet still never seeing less than ten de-gild per day, that i just quit the tree and moved onto spanish before i even planned to start a new language.


I'm approximately half way done and I get 2 to 5 things to review every day.


This happens to me in every language. I now just regard Duo as broken and try not to twitch whenever I see the strength bars.


Maybe that is the answer, but the ocd in me wants the bars full!


same! i just feel all twitchy looking at the colors instead of the gold!


This is a really time-consuming solution but I just unlocked the final section and my completed sections stay gold for ages. My theory for this is that I never do review. Instead, I go back and re-do the entire skill from start to finish. Yep, even if it has like nine sections. Once I do that it doesn't de-gild again for ages.


I feel like it's just as time-consuming as re-gilding Education 12 days in a row! I might try this :)

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