"Han sitter i Sveriges riksdag."

Translation:He in the Swedish Riksdag.

February 7, 2015

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Hi, why is it that the English translation 'swedish riksdag' and 'swedish parliament' is ok and 'Sweden's parliament' is not acceptable?


I didn't see this question before, but that translation is actually accepted. Whether I added it recently or whether it was accepted all along, I don't know. :)


'Riksdag' is not English....


We accept "parliament" as well, but it's not uncommon at all to use the native name for political institutions in English - like the State Duma in Russia, for instance.


May i assume from this sentence that 'he' happens to be in the same building as the Parliament, and not necessarily a member... (ledamot)? p.s. i promise that I'm retaining more of these lessons than I'm losing!!!


He is a member of the parliament. Otherwise it would be Han sitter i riksdagshuset.


Why is "Swedish" the preferred answer? "Sveriges" = of sweden isn't it?


"The Swedish riksdag/parliament" are the most common international names for it, from what I understand. So it's the default because of idiomatics, but I assume they're all accepted. :)


English translation of riksdag is riksdsg. Oops.


Well, we also accept "parliament".


He seats in the Sweden's parliament is my translation, Why is it wrong?


"seat" as a verb isn't normally used like that - you have a seat, or you are seated, but you sit in something.


Oh that is interesting! I never thought of this before, but in Dutch we have two different verbs for those meanings. Zitten = to sit, Zetelen = having a seat in a parliament/commission or other.


Also, "the Sweden's Parliament" in your answer needs to be either "Sweden's Parliament" (no "the") or "the Swedish Parliament." We don't use "the" with "Sweden."

And, adding to what devalanteriel said, "seat" as a verb usually means to assist someone in finding a seat, not the actual act of occupying a chair. One could say "The host seated us in the front row," or, "We seated ourselves at an empty table."

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