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"De använder en professionell modell."

Translation:They use a professional model.

February 7, 2015



how do you pronounce professionell? the voice says it differently


Like this: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/professionell/

In Swedish, we put the stress on the last syllable. By the way, "ssi" is one of 65 different ways to write the sje-sound.

Edit: For some reason I can't link directly to the site, but if you go here and then click on "Vetenskapsradion: 65 sätt att stava sje-ljudet" you can find it.


so then the pronunciation on duo (when you hover over the word) is wrong?


Just listened to that link and it sounds much better than the one on Duolingo. What does everyone else think?


Does the model in this sentence have to be a person or can it be an abstract model (e.g. a model car)?


I'm not sure if the word "model" can be used in different ways in Swedish as it can be in English and Portuguese, but in this case, since we're studying professions, think person rather than abstract.


Why does the pronunciation of 'professionell' sound like .... pruff kornel ??? I've listened to it several times ....


this made me wonder, is there any distinction in Swedish between saying 'they use' and 'they are using' as there is in English? Like how 'are using' might refer to a more specific event, while 'use' is very general? Is it always 'använder' and people just infer from the context?


We don't have anything like the English -ing form, so both "they use" and "they are using" are "de använder" in Swedish. If you want to distinguish between the two, you can say for example:
De brukar använda... (They use...)
Nu använder de... (They are using...)


Just to clarify, is "professionell" just an adjective as used in the sentence here? Or could it also be a noun by itself, referring to someone as "en professionell"?


You can say "ett proffs".


Is there a shorter term i.e. pro in swedish


We have the noun "ett proffs", so I guess you can say "ett modellproffs". It's more common in sports though. Fotbollsproffs, ishockeyproffs etc.


Can i use "apply" here? As in: "They apply a professional model to simulate the probable outcomes of the different scenarios." Duolingo claims that it is wrong, suggesting "employ" instead. But I think "apply" would work, too. But I'm neither a native english speaker, nor a swedish one and therefore unsure.


They're not talking about a scientific model but about about a professional fashion model. The key is that this phrase is in the "Jobs" chapter, so all the examples about "Model" are talking about a fashion model not a simulation or scientific model. Thats why employ works but not apply.


No apply doesn't work there.

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