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Please, give back hearts assessment and out bar!

Duoliguo please there is a way to get back to the evaluation of the lessons through heart system? the bar system makes lessons to long and it tired me... Can I choice? Thank you in advance!

February 7, 2015



The mobile apps still use hearts. If it helps, they removed hearts because: a) users did not like feeling 'penalized' for running out of hearts. b) the new system allows you to keep working no matter how many mistakes you make Sorry you don't like the new system! Hope you get warmed up to it soon.


I think the bar is not usefull because the user will get tired if for each good answer and a wrong one he will remain at the same point forever... at the same time, this new change is not so bad because prompt people to improve. But nonetheless, I believe that a little bit of competition is not so bad. ;)


I agree with the part "bring hearts back" but not for the same reason. Hearts made you actually think and learn the words. This way you can get trough the lesson if you learn 60% of it. It's pointless! It's too forgiving and people can advance to a new lesson without really learning last one. If I compare my knowledge during "heart era" and afterwards, during "heart era" I learned much, much more! While now, if I don't know the words I simply press enter and go on... Eventually I finish it without fully learning the lesson....


Yes, I not reason about this aspect, but you have right... As you have told, the bar system do not allow the learner to achieve a complete study of the lessons, and moreover it really bores me... nooooooooo (sorry for my english :D I'm proving also it) .


The "choosing thing" is not out yet....and I highly doubt it'll be anywhere in the near future....But have a lingot...


You can look at the app as an option for now. It still seems to be using the hearts in the lessons.

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