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  5. "My sisters are different."

"My sisters are different."

Translation:Tá mo dheirfiúracha difriúil.

February 7, 2015



Mmmh... The predicative adjective is in its nominative singular form... Let me guess: Irish does not inflect predicative adjectives, does it? A bit like German?


Was going to ask the same question. A quick grammar check and it seems that yes, predicative adjectives do not inflect.


I searched on predicative adjective in teannglan.ie and there were zero hits. So where can I get a "quick grammar check" or learn about these things?


I just typed "predicative vs attributive adjectives" into one of the main search engines.

Here are the first 3 answers:
Attributive and predicative adjectives | Lexico
Attributive and Predicative Adjectives @ The Internet Grammar of English
Attributive and Predicative Adjectives | English Grammar B1 Level

These all explain the difference between a predicative adjective and an attributive in English.

In Irish, an adjective that is used attributively (an attributive adjective) agrees with its noun in case, number and gender - that means that adjectives have plural forms and genitive forms and are lenited to indicate gender. But an adjective that is used predicatively (a predicative adjective) doesn't change - you just use the basic form of the adjective. Understanding whether an adjective is being used attributively (an attributive adjective) or predicatively (a predicative adjective) helps you to understand the difference between tá na mná déanach and tá na mná déanacha ag teacht, and why the form of the adjective changes.

Teanglann.ie is a dictionary - it doesn't explain grammar. Try Gramadach na Gaeilge.


And unlike French!


One of the options suggests "Tá mo dheirfiúracha difriúla". Is difriúla a real word? When is it used? In teanglann.ie they suggest it could be a form of difriúil.


Yes, it's a real word! It is the plural of 'difriúil', which is why it is used in this sentence. If you look at the grammar tab on teanglann.ie you will see how the word declines.


difriúil is a predicative adjective in this exercise ("my sisters are different", not "my different sisters"). Predicative adjectives don't change to reflect the case, number and gender of the noun.

"difriúil" is correct in this sentence, "difriúla" is incorrect.


Thank you! I got this one wrong and I didn't understand why... now I do ;)


For some reason, I never thought to check on the "Grammar" tab. o_O All this time, I could've been learning better! -_- Thanks!


Hang on, what grammar tab??? Is that one of those things only available to people who own a laptop, ie not in the app, or have I just not found it yet....?


Teanglann.ie is a website that houses 3 dictionaries, a grammar database and a pronunciation database. You can download all of these functions to the Teanglann app.


Apparantly, being a laptop owner gives you certain privileges that are inexplicably denied to those subscribers who only have a phone app, yet the phone app doesnt ever warn you that it does not contain the full duolingo experience. Come on, it's not that hard to provide these things to phone app people! It's really not fair. People from all economic sectors are trying to learn languages. Is Irish only for certain classes of people?


2 things.

1) I can absolutely, 100% guarantee that if you want to communicate your feelings to Duolingo about the functionality of the version of the App that you are using, a comment in a Sentence Discussion on an Irish exercise is a complete waste of your time and everyone else's. The people who can do something about how the app works will never encounter this comment.

2) There's a web browser on your phone.

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