"Det är viktigt att minnas."

Translation:It is important to remember.

February 7, 2015

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What is the difference between kom ihåg and minnas?


Was this question answered? I cannot see the response. May just have missed it.


Are the infinitive forms of deponent verbs identical to their finite form?


No, the present form of minnas is minns, Hon minns = 'She remembers', and the past is mindes.


Is there any explicit lesson for deponent verbs? So far I have only come across one section. I'd find it really usefull to see how it all works with deponent verbs. Thanks for you response so far :)


Present 3, lesson 8 is about them, and then there's this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6094592, that's all we've got :)


that's what I was looking for! Thanks :)


You can also find some more info here.


How do I say "It is important to be remembered"? Can we form passives with deponent verbs?


Det är viktigt att bli ihågkommen. Passives aren't really formed from deponent verbs, since they already have the passive form.


Would this be more like to be used in the 'general' sense, or in the 'remembering something specific' sense? For example, a common English phrase is something like "As a photographer, it is important to remember that your customers need to feel comfortable with you." - We don't really mean REMEMBER as in "Oh whoops, I forgot my customers need to be comfortable", we more mean "Remind yourself of that because it tends to slip away otherwise". Then there is a detective questioning someone "It is important that you try to remember as much as you can...." sort of thing. That's actually an act of remembering rather than just a not-letting-become-unimportant thing. Is this Swedish more likely to be one or the other (perhaps this goes with the "kommer ihåg" question)?


I just wish it was easier


haha good one but if it was easy everyone would do it.

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