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  5. "Where have you put my keys?"

"Where have you put my keys?"

Translation:Var har du lagt mina nycklar?

February 7, 2015



Could you also ask "vart..." or does lägga not imply a direction in Swedish?


You shouldn't use "vart" here (because of the reason you mention), but it is still used a lot. You can even hear people say "Vart bor du?".

PS. "Vart har du flyttat mina nycklar?" is correct though (flytta = move).


Jag förstår! Tack!


It seems that somtimes the possessive (mina in this case) is not always required in Swedish but is implied. I think I often pick it out when I'm transalting into English on DL but im not sure when in Swedish I could or should leave it out. Is there any guidance or a rule? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick!


It isn't required when it's obvious from context whose thing you're talking about. E.g. Jag borstar tänderna 'I'm brushing my teeth' – we usually brush our own, so I'd point out if I were brushing someone else's teeth. Here though it isn't obvious from the sentence whose keys I'm referring to, so it should be mentioned.


How interchangeable is lägga with ställa in this context?


Not at all. Keys lie down when put somewhere, so it has to be "lagt" here. Positioning is important!


But could "vart har du stoppat mina nycklar" be acceptable here?


Firstly, it has to be "var" (location, not direction!). Secondly, personally I don't think "stoppa" in this sense fits well in here since it rather translates to "stuff" (verb), as if there were stuffed into some tight container somewhere.

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