Class bias in Occupations

Most of the occupations are middle class. Where are the electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, etc.?

February 7, 2015


I think there is indeed some bias there. The jobs included are hardly the most common ones. The ones you include seems to biased towards building craft though ;-). Anyway here is a short list of the most common construction jobs.

  • Elektriker (electrician)
  • Rörmokare (plumber)
  • Mekaniker (mechanic)
  • Snickare (carpenter)
  • Målare (painter)
  • Plåtslagere (tin-smith ?)
  • Sotare (chimney sweep)
  • Murare (mason)
  • Arkitekt (architect)
  • Bygnadsingenjör (structural engineer)
February 8, 2015

Thank you!. The absence of working class occupations reflects a pervasive class bias in the education system at least in the US. I believe that this unacknowledged prejudice plays into the hands of the 1% who are always quick to deny and indeed condemn any expression of class warfare on the part of the other 99% even as this same privileged minority continues to accumulate at the expense of the rest of us. Make no mistake there is a class war, the rich against the rest, and the sooner the disadvantaged recognize it and own it the faster we can move toward greater justice for all.

February 10, 2015

They can't really include them all... think of all the occupations there are. There will always be some left out.

Maybe they should include more from a broad spectrum of classes (or perhaps add another lesson or two) but there's always Google translate to find out more :-).

February 7, 2015

I completely agree that all of those things should be included. Although, many people who do those things become quite wealthy.

February 7, 2015
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