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Class bias in Occupations

Most of the occupations are middle class. Where are the electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, etc.?

February 7, 2015



I think there is indeed some bias there. The jobs included are hardly the most common ones. The ones you include seems to biased towards building craft though ;-). Anyway here is a short list of the most common construction jobs.

  • Elektriker (electrician)
  • Rörmokare (plumber)
  • Mekaniker (mechanic)
  • Snickare (carpenter)
  • Målare (painter)
  • Plåtslagere (tin-smith ?)
  • Sotare (chimney sweep)
  • Murare (mason)
  • Arkitekt (architect)
  • Bygnadsingenjör (structural engineer)


They can't really include them all... think of all the occupations there are. There will always be some left out.

Maybe they should include more from a broad spectrum of classes (or perhaps add another lesson or two) but there's always Google translate to find out more :-).


I completely agree that all of those things should be included. Although, many people who do those things become quite wealthy.

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