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  5. "Credo che tu capisca questo."

"Credo che tu capisca questo."

Translation:I believe that you understand this.

February 7, 2015



Spanish speakers, be careful. Spanish version of this sentence wouldn't require the subjunctive form, but Italian does.

"Credo che tu capisca questo", but - "Creo que tĂș entiendes esto"

The negative sentence "No creo que" (non credo che), or for example "No pienso que" (non penso che) on the other hand would require the subjunctive in both languages.


The rules in French are very similar to those in Spanish.


Can this be questo or questa seeing as though we don't know what "this" is??



Ex: "Guarda quest'altra formula, credo che tu capisca meglio questa."

Credo che tu capisca questo is however often used in spoken language... This phrase could be viewed as Credo che tu capisca questo (che sto dicendo). This is obviously used a lot.


I am confused why some subjunctive translations accept "will (insert verb" and others do not. Like in this sentence it will not accept "I believe that you WILL understand this" but in an earlier similar sentence (sorry, cannot remember the exact wording), it said "will (insert verb)" was the correct translation.


why isn't it tu capisci questo?


Because this is the subjunctive.


I'd also like to know this.


"Tu capisci questo" is simply "you understand this"


It seems Italian subjunctive is less picky than Spanish? It was my understanding in Spanish that you would never use the subjunctive with creder because the assumption is the statement is true.


That's only the rule in Spanish. That is not the rule in Italian. It is not a matter of one language being pickier than the others.

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