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"Præsidenten var imod lærernes strejke."

Translation:The president was against the teachers' strike.

February 7, 2015



Somebody has been watching ''House of Cards' :D

February 7, 2015


Der mangler en ejefalds apostrof i teachers


How about "strike of the teachers"?


Hi, while "the strike of the teachers" is not literally incorrect, it would be very unusual and not natural English. We always say "the teachers' strike", "the miners' strike" etc. Even if we wanted to emphasise eg that it was the teachers who were on strike rather than, say, the taxi drivers, we'd do it simply by putting the stress on the word itself "it was a teachers' strike, not a taxi drivers' strike". (I'm a native speaker of British English.)


I wrote "the president was against the teachers' strike". It told me it was almost correct, underlining the "teachers" without the '. But in "an other right answer", there was my sentence exactly.... -_- ok... lol

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