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Pronunciation problem

Firstly, congratulations on the "Learning German" units - they are the best I have had a look at and I am enjoying doing the exercises.One small request - I am having trouble distinguishing between "Ihr" and "Er" when having to translate into English from the vocal cue. Any ideas, please?

August 10, 2013



the German E is more like "elegant", the I is like "eeh"


Baby-pie - thank you for your suggestion. I have a feeling that it may be my audio broadcast quality may be at fault.


The audio is very poor on this. I try to overcome it by looking for clues from the verb used. It's not infallible but it helps.


helenvee - Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Ich denke, es ist ein Audio Problem mit meinem Computer, wie ich es auf eine andere haben es versucht und die Qualität war viel besser.

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