"Mannen sover på tunnelbanan."

Translation:The man is sleeping on the subway.

February 7, 2015

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Slang time!

As a Stockholmer born and raised, and considering the fact that Stockholm is the only Swedish city to yet have a subway system, I feel it's my duty to introduce you to some some slang words having to do with tunnelbanan.

  1. Tuben. (noun, definite) A loan-translation of the British expression "the tube" with the same meaning.

  2. Tricken. (noun, definite) Also a nickname for tunnelbanan.

  3. Planka. (verb) To be fare-dodging or gatecrashing, i.e. riding without a ticket

So... there's that. Congratulations on learning a couple of slang words. :p


Helsingfors has a tunnelbana and is also Swedish...5.9% Swedish...


Just to be on the safe side: Does "planka" only refer to the subway, or can one planka on the bus as well, for example?


One can planka on anything that involves some ticket or entrance fee really. You can just as well do it on a bus although it's harder since you have to scan your ticket at the driver's place. You could also planka in at a festival somehow if you get in without a ticker.


Is planka an -ar or an -er verb?


In Paris the cleaner ignored me sleeping in the Metro and just closed the gates... snowing outside. I slept like a log. Hope he kwpt his job


Cheapest warm place to sleep for a couple euro!


In Sweden, Stockholm is the only city to have built a subway system. But if you're sleeping there, probably some guards will come wake you up. :p Nonetheless, on late weekend nights you can always find a few unlucky drunk people who fell asleep on their way home and got way too far...


That happened to a friend of mine once in a different city. Ended up at the other end of the line, since the train had turned back, and was kicked off on the opposite side of town.


Hahaha, it's the same everywhere then!


Most certainly!


This happened to me on the BART in San Francisco and I woke up practically in San Jose


Might this gentleman also be standing in the pouring rain? :-)


To clarify, in the UK 'subway' refers to an underground walkway and not an underground railway network.


Yes, and it's usually homeless people who sleep there.


Can tunnelbana refer to both the entire subway system as well as a single subway car/train?


In this sentence, the feeling I get is that "tunnelbanan" is used as a general noun for the subway system as a place where one can be.

But you can also use it to refer to a train, although personally I think I'd prefer "ett tunnelbanetåg" ("subway train"). But that's just my personal preference. For just one car, it's "tunnelbanevagn" ("subway car").

If it's already obvious that you're talking about the subway, you can of course say just "vagn" and "tåg".


I agree completely. Some people use tunnelbana about one train: Jag tar nästa tunnelbana ('I'm taking the next subway') but it sounds a bit off to me.


Is tunnelbana used just for Stockholm or for any subway system anywhere in the world?


Anywhere. The Berlin U-bahn, London underground, Paris métro and New York City subway are all tunnelbana.


Thank you Swedish team for accepting 'Subway', 'Metro', 'Underground', and 'Tube'! It is much appreciated.


This doesnt mean "tunnel banana", does it?


Really creative: Tunnel-Train!


No, tunnel banana.

(I will never not laugh about the translation of subway into Swedish. :D)


The equivalent word for tunnelbana in Tysk is: U-Bahn. U stands for Untergrund, and Bahn has the same meaning as bana in Swedish.


Woops, clicked 'train' because my tired brain somehow forgot that 'subway' is an underground train as well as an underground path in international and US English!


correct me if i am wrong... but doesn't tunnelbanan also technically mean tunnel banana?


Very confusing one for Brits this, as a homeless person is far more likely to sleep in a subway (a tunnel for walking under a road) than in a metro/underground train (which the Americans call a subway). The swedish even sounds like a tunnel!

The question should allow "metro train" or "underground train" as well as "subway".


in england would ore likely to say in the subway as in dont sleep in the subway petula clark hit in the60s

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