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  5. "I am holding a plate."

"I am holding a plate."

Translation:Jag håller i en tallrik.

February 7, 2015



Why do you need "i en tallrik"? Would "Jag håller en tallrik" also be correct? Is there a difference in meaning?


No significant change in meaning, however, whenever we are holding something in our hands, we usually use the phrase hålla i. It more or less means we are holding on to something.

Note however that if we are holding on to a ledge or other person or something similar, we say hålla tag.


What does that mean?


Literally No reason, which implies [You have] no reason [to thank me].

It's similar to saying No worries! in English.


Could you provide an example with "hålla tag", please?


Håll tag i räcket! (Hang on to the railing!)


What does tag mean by itself?


This is a tough one. Tag could be the archaic or formal way of writing the imperative form of the verb att ta, in English to take.

However, in this sentence it acts as a particle to the verb håll, in English hold. Tag as a particle is roughly equivalent to the English [verb] a hold of such as in grab a hold of.

We can use tag as a particle for many things such as:

Håll tag (i) -> Hold on (to)

Fatta tag (om) -> Grab a hold (of)


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inte dag som pa tyska!!!


Duo accepted "Jag håller en tallrik." When I looked at the correct answer, I saw that particle "i" and had the same question myself.


På, i and om are just jerks. Still finding it hard to not literally translate it to ''I'm holding in a plate''


You could think of it as "I'm holding onto a plate". Whenever I have a go at a new language, I have to remind myself, every language treats prepositions differently...


GAEILGEOIR, MAITH!!! I have been neglecting my Irish for Swedish:( But I am more Swedish than Irish, so I figured I would try to prioritize my languages by where my ancestors emigrated from.


Finally I understand the V2 rule, fist pump! Perserverence through frustration is really rewarding.

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