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"Jeg har en ven hvis far er lærer."

Translation:I have a friend whose father is a teacher.

February 7, 2015



why no 'en' or 'a teacher'?


'en' and 'et' is often let out when describing a profession. I actually don't know a generel rule for this. For example: "He is a writer" = "Han er forfatter"


Okay, thank you. That's the kind of thing they usually tell us in the notes, but I guess it's hard throw it all at us at once. I can't complain. I think this is a very good program overall.


In some time it will hopefully sound right for you. Good luck with the learning!


Any native English speaker could tell if "I have a friend whose father is teacher" sounds natural? It is marked as wrong. I get confused because in my language (Portuguese) the article can also be omitted for professions.


In English that is actually wrong. You would always say that someone is a teacher.

Edit: Titles are a special case, though. It is correct to say "I have a friend whose father is Teacher of the Year."


Didn't know that the indefinite article is always a must. Thanks!


Thank you; wasn't aware of that


This is confusing. I remember that for professions the article can be omitted, but who the heck is supposed to know when it's correct not to use the article and when it's necessary? The algorithm of duo is something very peculiar. I wrote "I have a friend whose father is teacher." Marked as wrong. A couple of lessons back a similar sentence was perfectly OK.

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