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Swedish Immersion Section

Now that the Swedish course has made its way out of Beta, will an Immersion Section be added soon ?

February 7, 2015



Last thing we heard is that none of the new languages will have immersion any time soon.


Boo but thanks for the update.

[deactivated user]

    The Swedish team is in the dark atm. The Duolingo team is having trouble with EU regulations. No ETA for immersion yet.


    Sorry, what are these EU regulations?


    EU regulations?

    Edit: Just kidding, I found the article with the explanation. I don't quite see how that should stop, say, someone like myself (definitely not residing in the EU) from getting to use the translation feature. What prompts Duolingo to have the feature on their Portuguese course, but not Swedish or Dutch?


    I wonder if it's related to the fact that Portuguese has a large number of speakers and texts outside of Europe while Sweden does not, so Duolingo doesn't really have any plausible deniability on any uploaded Swedish documents. Most of Duolingo's terms of service regarding the immersion section are probably violated from time to time. This is why they have you agree not to do things you're not supposed to (plausible deniability). Regardless of whether they want to or not it's not really possible for them to actually verify this. However, it is unreasonable for them to assume that texts in Swedish are mostly originating outside of Europe so they wouldn't really cover themselves legally simply by having the user claim that no EU regulations are being violated. This is my best guess at it, but it could be something totally different.


    So does this come down to a violation of fair use agreements or plagiarism or something like that? This seems very strange to me.


    I think in a nutshell the EU just has much stricter copyright regulations.


    Oh, I though it might have something to do with some translator's guild or union. Not sure what's wrong with translating some Wikipedia articles. :P


    Perhaps it's along the lines that it's very difficult to verify whether any given uploaded document is owned or controlled by the uploader, but EU regulation requires such proof. The US doctrine of "Fair Use" generally doesn't exist elsewhere; the Commonwealth concept of "Fair dealing", for example, is much less comprehensive.


    sorry if this is explained somehwre else, i cant find it.. but what do you lot mean when you talk about immersion on here?


    It's a function that allows you to translate essentially. You can get points for it and rise up in translation tiers/levels. It's only available for French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian I think.


    The original language pairs, such as Spanish-English and English-French, have whole articles, blog posts, recipes, and so on uploaded to be translated into users' native language from their learning language. This appears in a section labeled "Immersion", next to "Discussion", in the bar at the top of the site.

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