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"Den här staden har ingenting att ge mig."

Translation:This town has nothing to give me.

February 7, 2015



I didn't write it, because I didn't want to risk being marked wrong, but could this possibly be translated with "This town has nothing to offer me"? I know "offer" is usually "erbjuda", but doesn't the meaning of the phrase fit better with this?


I checked and yes, it's an accepted answer. A closer back translation would indeed be erbjuda, but ge is more idiomatic in Swedish here than give in English.


Why erbjuda rather than bjuda?


Can I use "Denna" in this case?


Yes. "Denna stad" and "den här staden" both work fine.


A usual English wxpression would be 'This town has nothing for me'.


I agree and that's what I put. It was marked wrong.


Now I'm neither an English nor a Swedish native speaker but "This town has nothing to give me" strikes me as VERY unidiomatic. Any native English speakers? Shouldn't it be something like This town has nothing to offer .... or There's nothing in this town for me


You're right. Whilst it's perfectly grammatical, it isn't idiomatic English. 'This town has nothing to offer me' or 'There's nothing for me in this town' would both be better. (Native English speaker, editor and writer.)


is there a word for "pop-punk" in swedish?


Yeah, it's pop-punk. :p


Can I say "Den här stad ..."? Or must it be in the definite?


It must be in the definite.
After denna, either works, but the indefinite is formal and the definite is very informal. But after den här, only the definite is used.
There's a short version of the word staden, stan, which is definite too.


Tack for förklaning


Förklarning :- explanation

Förklaring :- explanation


My grammar book says that after the auxiliary verbs att ha and att vara no att is used. Is this not applicable here because the ingenting is there as well?

I'm also struggling to think of an example with an infinitive straight after a form of ha/vara.


A direct translation of "Den här staden" sounds like a cowboy in a Western: This here town.

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