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Correct answer not available

In German 'People' Lesson 2, on my android tablet, I was given a sentence to translate, and I have to select the correct words from the options listed. Unfortunately two of the words needed ('the' and 'of') aren't available options. So it is impossible to give the right answer!

See screenshot: http://24.media.tumblr.com/47140dbe19eb2508553651a2a246c32f/tumblr_mrb5x4ZG3N1s3i1yho1_r1_500.jpg (Sorry for the quality -haven't actually worked out how to take a screenshot on my tablet, so I took a photo of the screen instead!)

August 10, 2013



Thanks for the screenshot and all the details! Much appreciated. We're looking into this.


You could of tried She is studying with her friends children


I could have! That didn't even occur to me! Haha.


Technically that WOULD be "friends' children or friend's children" but it could just be a grammatical mistake on Duo's part.


I had a similar issue with one of the "new" lessons in Italian, the word in question was "glielo" (ie a concatenation of gli and lo) and not only did the definition not appear as "[ ] it to him" (it simply appeared as the word Glielo repeated) but the word "the" that was required was missing. I wish I'd screenshotted it now.

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