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  5. "Vi er glade for at se dig."

"Vi er glade for at se dig."

Translation:We are happy to see you.

February 7, 2015



Is there a rule regarding when to use 'for at' + verb, and when to use 'til at' + verb? I find this very confusing.


Of course there's a rule! In this case "to be happy ABOUT something" means "at være glad FOR noget". That's why you have to say "Jeg er glad FOR at se dig = I'm happy to see you".

On the other hand, "to look forward TO something" means "at glæde sig TIL noget". So you would have to say "Jeg glæder mig TIL at se dig = I'm looking forward to seeing you".

Same applies to other prepositions.


Why is "for" needed here? Or can you just say "Vi er glade at se dig"?


The 'for' is needed in this sentence for it to make sense. I actually don't know the rule, but if it pops into me head, I'll be sure to comment again!


'For' refers to the reason why you are happy. I can't give a more precise answer. I never thought about you questioned it :)

Selv tak, og held og lykke!


No, it is not a roll of quarters in my pocket, I am really happy to see you


you lign your far

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