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Incorrect log of when I did practice on the application

Typical day for me on duolingo: - Connect phone to internet in the morning to download the days courses - some point during the day use the website - realize I need to get progress from my phone - Connect phone to internet again

That's all great (perhaps download more than a few practices at a time?) and all but the problem happened today when I only used my phone and I forgot to sync my progress yesterday. Logging in today I find that yesterdays progress has appeared as today and I have nothing logged for yesterday because of this. So I have lost my streak :-(

Would be cool if you could log in the app when practices were being done so when you resync it doesn't lose streaks

February 7, 2015

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Yeah, it's a bit of a pain that you have to let your phone sync with the internet before midnight every night in order to keep your streak. I've been lucky in that when I travel, I usually have cell service at least once and so I can re-enable cell connectivity for Duo and sync.

I've almost lost my streak twice this week because things have been so busy. But I had a streak freeze both times so it was ok! Here, have some lingots to buy a freeze.

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