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learning more languages at the same time

I started learning French from scratch a few days ago and though I find it difficult, I can feel that I've progressed. I would like to start learning other languages Duolingo has to offer (German and Spanish whose basics I know) but I feel it might be too much and that I might easily confuse the rules etc. So to those people who are learning more that one language at the same time, is it difficult and do you have a "special" method so as to make the multiple learning more effective? Thanks :)

August 10, 2013



Personally, if I were you, I'd wait until you are quite conversant with one before you start another. I started with Spanish as I had no prior knowledge of it and progressed quite well. Then I decided to refresh my French which I "learned" at school many years ago. I found trying to learn two languages at once slowed my progress in both - a lot. Hence, I've abandoned Spanish for now in favour of getting more proficient in French first. I can always come back to Spanish at a later date. I found I was mixing up "elle" and "la" etc. :-)


I've been thinking about starting German or Italian, especially as i have been finding French becoming more difficult. I think it is better focus on one language though. I can imagine that i would focus on the new language more as it it would be much easier. Then i would lose my progress in French. I want to at least complete the tree, before i start another.

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