"Kör långsamt!"

Translation:Drive slowly!

February 7, 2015

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The audio is wrong!


Can "kör" be pronounced both with a hard K or a tj- sound ?


Yes, but with different meanings:

kör - drive (tj-sound)
kör - choir (k-sound)


Then the TTS has to be fixed for this sentence, because it says "choir slowly".


Yes, you are right, the new TTS is not correct (while the old one was). I am not sure that a TTS can be "fixed" though :).


The pronounciation of "kör" is wrong! (We don't talk danish!) K before e, i, ä, ö and y is like the tj or kj sound of a hard "sh". So it sounds here like "shör"


Guys, we know by now that kör is pronounced incorrectly. It's been turned off for ages but apparently that doesn't help, judging from the massive amount of error reports we get. :) I really appreciate the reports, but I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do about it.


Right. Previous to this sentence, I thought that generally the Swedish mapped quite well onto the German as follows:

går = gehen (go, walk)

åker = fahren (go, drive)

reser = reisen (travel, e.g. abroad)

I felt like all the generic forms of getting from A to B have been covered by these three words. How does 'kör' map to åker/fahren? Is kör a subset of åker (i.e. driving is a subset of going-but-not-walking), or is it more like an overlapping Venn diagram?

Also, would you 'kör' a bicycle, for example? Is there a minimum distance travelled before åker becomes reser? Thanks (sorry, lots of questions!)

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Mapping swedish to german: köra = lenken, steuern. Drive in english.

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